WRG Napoleonic 25mm Plancenoit at Waterloo 1815 (July 2016)

The Battle of Plancenoit (Waterloo) 1815

NSWC WRG Rules in 25mm.

Plancenoit was a large cobblestone street village. It had a good stone built church with the usual walled cemetery, which was good for defence and made the church the strong point of the French defences.


Bulow's IV Corps Prussians advancing towards Plancenoit

French cavalry at Plancenoit

The French at this stage are a little thin on the ground

The Prussians have emerged from the woods but the ground is boggy

Rear view of the Prussians from the woods but the ground is boggy

Prussian infantry advancing slowly over the boggy ground (we let them advance double move to speed things up)

French infantry in position

The slow Prussian advance

One of the three French batteries

The Prussians are widely spaced to reduce the French artillery effect

A rear view of the strongest part of the French position

French light cavalry

Prussian infantry in line on the French Left

French light cavalry running away

The Prussians decided to close with

Looks like the Prussians are using large die to bowl over the French

The Guard is arriving

Fire, in the woods, finger, in front

Landwehr ahoy

No finger

The next Prussian Brigade arrives

So many Prussians

Artillery deployed

Get that brigade to the right

Prussian cavalry Landwehr and musketeers throwing themselves against the French right

Looks the Prussian re-enforcements are starting to break through

Concentration of effort now

Prussians are moving through the church

A battalion of Imperial Guard moving to the defence of the church

French Dragoons are all but spent

Nothing stopping the Prussian advance

That's a big hand
The Guard did arrive to bolster the French defence.  The Prussians had starting breaking through and there was another corps of Prussians the II Corps, arriving later in the day.
But the scenario called for the Prussians to break into Plancenoit and for the French to withdraw before the Imperial Guard arrived.


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