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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Toy Soldiers

Paul C has been into Toy Soldiers for some time now, here are some photos of his growing collection.

The first are '42mm WW1' figs from 'Irregular Miniatures' from York, UK, and they are playing 'Shambattle' a 1929 American wargame (The US version of 'Little Wars' - HG Wells from 1913) the figures are double gloss varnished figures.  They have used them to introduce children and adults to early wargames and in a scenario that was published by Phil Olley in 'The Wargames Journal'.

German infantry

British infantry

British cavalry and artillery

German Uhlans

These are 18th Century, 30mm Spencer Smith collection. They are part of Paul's 'Charles Grant - The War Game - collection'.  Part of a project to play the classic 1970's rules with big battalions (48 figs foot and 24 horse) and gloss varnished soldiers.

British 18th century cavalry

French 18th century infantry on the right and British cavalry on the left

French 18th century infantry on the left and British cavalry on the right

Wings of War Famous Aces

NSWC member Geoff is putting together Wings of War, WWI.
Wings of War is a game series which seems to merge card game and board game to recreate aerial combat. This looks very interesting.  Geoff is aiming to put on a game later this year, I understand it is hard to obtain the aircraft as the manufacture has gone out of business (up goes the price).

Warhammer Game (April 2012)

NSWC Warhammer Game

Dwarfs push on.  The river has a ford.  The rivers are new for the club from Miniature World Maker, South Australia.

Battle of Cross Keys (April 2012)

ACW Battle of Cross Keys.

May brigade was on the Union far right.  My job to keep as many Rebel units attention on this flank as possible.

The 2nd US Sharpeshooters in the woods

The days objective for the Union forces

Long view from the Union right flank

On the Union right flank

Union centre advancing
More of the Union Centre

Union forces on the Left Flank heading for the objective

The objective from the Confederate right
The Union troops have been suffering heavy casualties on the right flank but did overcome the the Rebs

More of the Union Centre

Confederates moving to there left