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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Napoleonic Fast Play (April 2016)

We played a test of the rules called "Napoleonic Fast Play".

Even with all the stop starting and discussing of the rules and deciding on some adjustments, etc., we still played faster than games of the same size using WRG or BP with more players  (we had 3, number 4 did not turn up).

Steve M is working on the adjustments and hopefully we will be able to play another game soon.

Steve has sent his rework of the rules, next time I am in Sydney we will have a game (Feb 2018), I think I will be there in April 2018.

WWI Naval (April 2016)

Rules Test for Jutland.


The rest of you, follow me

Red dice in the morning, sailor take warning

Line up according to height, sorry length

Splash splash splash

They went in two by two

Big wave coming, surfs up

The sea is getting rough

Looks like torpedoes away