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ACW Taylor's Farm Battle (October 2012)

Battle of Taylor's Farm 1863

his was the club's October 2012 main game, 28mm ACW.

Robert supplied about 80% of the forces involved with Jason, Mark and myself supplying the rest.

We started with one Union infantry division and one cavalry division and one Confederate division on the table.
The players then threw one D6 each bound to bring on other brigades with the throw getting easier per bound until bound 6 when anything not on table could come on automatically.

There was a water course through the middle of the table half of which was fordable at any point the other half only at a bridge and two fords.

The Union main supply point was on their left and the Reb's on their right.

The rules used "Gettysburg Soldiers".

See pictures below.

US 1st & 2nd Sharpshooters on the far Union left (the 2nd in front)

Union left moving through some fields in skirmish order.
U.S. 114th Pennsylvania Regiment

Reb's on the far right opposite the Union left and the Sharpshooters

Long shot from the Union Right Confederate Left end early on. just some dismounted Union cavalry and one Reb brigade.

More Rebs crossing the stream with cavalry close behind
Blue and Grey giving each other stick at Twin Butts
Rebel cavalry trying to cross the river at one of the fords

Rebs see off some Sharpshooters
More Rebel troops behind Twin Butts heading for the bridge and the ford
The Union 2nd division giving the Rebels a hard time. on the left centre

Union 2nd Division
Part of the Union 1st Division

Union supply point on the Right Flank
Union dismounted cavalry division
Rebs and Union fight it out on the Union Left Centre/Confederate Right Centre
Confederate infantry and cavalry advance in the centre
More Rebs on their Left with their main supply point behind
Hand-to-hand in the fields

1st US Sharpshooters in hand-to-hand, what's left of the 2nd has routed
Not many Rebs left in the fields, well alive anyway

The Rebs are coming through
Is that the Tigers there?

Last of the Rebel cavalry on the Union left
The only complete regiment in the Union 1st Division watching a Confederate right which is staying out of range
This one is watching the Union in the fields
The Union 2nd Division getting thinner on the ground
The Union Right Centre
Texan cavalry

Rebs heading across a bridge
The Union was defending, therefore the Confederates were attacking. It was a bloody day, whole brigades had disappeared by the end of the day.
The Rebel attacks on the Union left, Left centre and Right had failed but the Rebs had succeed on the Right centre, but I would have to give to the Union as a victory.