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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

To the Strongest (July 2015)

This was an interesting game using playing cards to make your moves and combat.

The figures were Norman and Saxon cardboard flats that Steve A had cut out from a issue of Wargames Illustrated many years ago.

This was a game with Paul B and Thoran vs Steve A using the rules set of To the Strongest.

Very playable and did not take to long (time spent was shorter due to Steve pulling out lots of Aces-no move).

Paul destroyed Steve's right flank and captured his camp, end of game.

Steve destroyed Thoran's right flank.

Bolt Action (July 2015)

25mm Bolt Action Game.

Bryan and Andrew played this game Chindit (Andrew) vs Japanese (Bryan).

This was practice for Andrew when he goes to Wintercon in Canberra.

Fire, fire, we are on fire

25mm WRG Napoleonic (July 2015)

WRG 25mm Napoleonic Game

Steve  and Matt played this 25mm AWRG game.
Steve and Matt are familiarize themselves with the Australian WRG rules (as used at Cancon).

Anglo-Hanoverian (Steve) vs French (Matt)

15mm Napoleonic (July 2015)

WRG Napoleonic Game in 15 mm.

We do not play many 15 mm games, a bit of a shame really.

This battle was a Russo-Prussian Corps vs (what else) a French Corps circa 1813.

The Prussians (brigade of infantry a brigade of cavalry and two batteries) were on the far Allied right.
The Russian forces made up the rest of the Allied army.

The Allied commanders were Mark L (C-in-C), Michael and Dennis.
The French commanders Robert (C-in-C), Don and Roy.

Russian left


Russian artillery and Cossacks

Russian artillery and infantry

Prussian infantry and cavalry

French infantry