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Other Figures I have Painted

I have been painting for many years, figures have come been painted and most have gone to other homes and some have stayed (the Perry and Victrix Westphalians, some Old Glory, Front rank and Foundry Austrians and of course my Minifig Russians).

 I have painted for my good mate Robert for many years as he attempts to build the French II, III, IV & V Corps and the II & III Cavalry Corps plus some of the Imperial Guard of the 1812 campaign. We have almost completed the III Corps and have parts of the other corps.

 I am also painting a Austrian corps which has some Revolutionary period Foundry (5 battalions) I exchanged with Steve.  Nice figures do not fit what I am doing but what the hell.

The photos are not great but you get what I mean.
I also have some Front Rank and Old Glory Austrians & Hungarians I have obtained from Jason in payment for painting his Peninsula British.  I will be getting Perry plastic Austrians to complete the corps later.

There is also a Minifig Russian Corps that I have been painting for sometime,  but after painting about 8 battalions, some years ago everything stopped.  Have painted some Front Rank and Elite Russians for Geoff, because he is a good mate I have known for a very long time and he is busy painting 10mm 7YW both armies for Leuthen (I have taken on doing a Prussian Hussar Regiment and some Austrian Cuirassiers for him, what was I thinking).
I also started painting Geoff's Minifig Austrians (they were his first figures and were showing the years of wear).  These have since been purchased by Steve.
Minfig Austrian Hussars with an Old Glory General

But I am now doing the French 3rd Hussars for Robert (24 Old Glory) and the Westphalian 1 battalion/1st Line Regiment (Perry Plastic French) for myself. Have completed more Westphalian line infantry and the French 3rd Hussars.

7 Years War Austrian Modena Cuirassiers in 10mm

7 Years War Austrian Modena Cuirassiers in 10mm

7 Years War Austrian Modena Cuirassiers in 10mm
I have painted a regiment of 10mm Austrian Cuirassiers for Geoff.  He is planning a 10mm 7YW game for the clubs December meeting, but time is running short.  Jason and I are painting some cuirassier regiments for Geoff.  Jason is doing 3 Prussian and I am painting 4 Austrian each regiment of 30 figures (6 bases of 5).  They are nice Pendraken figures and they look good when finished although the picture does not show it, really have to learn how to use the Fuji camera.

More later