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WWI Air War (December 2012)

WWI Air War Game

Would like to thank Geoff for organising another great day of World War One air combat.

Following are a few words from Geoff.

Many thanks for those who braved the heat on Sunday the 16th. December and participated in the Wings Of War battle. I wanted to especially thank Robert who supplied 4 of the Albatros D3's and 4 of the Jasta 18 Fokker D7's, which made life a whole lot easier for myself. Secondly I also wanted to thank Lawrence for giving invaluable support in the kitchen on the day and to also thank those who brought along food to feed the hungry flyers. Many thanks, it all helps to make an enjoyable day.

In regards to the battle, we decided to use altitude rules for the first section where we had Nieuport 17's and Sopwith Triplanes against Albatros D3's and Pfalz D3's, just to ease ourselves in getting used to altitude differences, I don't think there were too many problems, however I think we may have to nut out a few things just to make it better.

The second and third battles were as a competition, whereby the leading pilot on either side was awarded a prize for the most kills.

Unlike last September when we had our first try out the German Fokker Triplanes were cleaned out with just 2 exceptions, it was a complete turn-around with the Fokker D7's knocking out most of the Sopwith Snipes/Dolphins/Camels and Spad 13's over 2 rounds.
As mentioned in this blog, Thoran (as
Oberleutant Ernst Udet) was awarded the Blue Max and Andrew the VC as the top Allied player.

We intend to keep playing the game and introducing new scenarios with 2 seaters and multi-engined bombers in the near future.

Thanks once again.

The planes used in the first pratice game (the Red Baron's red Albatros D3)

That is my plane. Oberleutant Ernst Udet second highest scoring German pilot with 62 victories (shot himself in 1941)

Pilots ready, planes ready. Germans to the left Britishers and Frenchies to the right


Focus issue again, must be moving that fast

That is me on the right

Coming from behind
Getting a shot in

One chasing two
One going straight after two
Circling each other
Four chasing one, no other British planes in the air
Second round with three chasing one, this looks familiar
Where are the others going
There I am again chasing another Britisher
A head on pass and both took damage
Still on him, firing away. Had 2.5 kills for the day and top German score (by 0.5)
Top British score was 2 kills (by our youngest player)

In the end with the Christmas lunch it was a great day. Geoff handed out the Blue Max and VC to the top scorers (Andrew and I have to defend our positions in the next round).

Geoff had arranged medals for the victors of the Allied and German side.

For the Allies young Andrew
Geoff K awarding Flt Lt Andrew his medal

For the Germans old Thoran
I am surprised are you (the fellow seated straight behind Geoff & I is John. John & I back in the 70's use to play a lot of Air Wargames at the Lindfield Masonic Hall. Don't know were the other guys are now) The Blue Max
We will have to defend our titles at the next WoW games.

WWII Beach Landing (November 2012)

Landing on the European Shores 1943 or 1944

I believe this was a German victory so maybe 1943 

The Landings are about to start

Here come the boats and some guys walking on water

German infantry waiting in their trench, don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes. You wait I am firing

German AA gun, where are their plans? The Lutfwaffe has keep them away, ha, ha, ha

French tank turrets being used by the Germans in the defense.  There was also a Char B1bis.

German infantry pouring fire onto the the enemy, they are throwing everything at them, even dice

More German defenses, well at least French houses

The Americans have landed and advance on to the German defense points, looks like the walk on water guys have landed as well

Unleash the "dogs of war", what do you mean there are no dogs.
Come on men over the seawall and lets give them hell (heck sorry for swearing)

Hans shoot

Looks like someone has left the backdoor open

Shoot Jimmy, shoot


Keep firing Mr Braun

German APC's coping stick, but we do not have to worry Gerhard guarding the box.

None shall pass, at least for now

Is that a tank or a cardboard cut out

So, Frank, where are they?

Are we far enough away from those Americans, don't want them firing us, by mistake

Fat lot of good that tank was, keep firing the 6pdr

The Americans have taken one pillbox position now for the next

The Para's will give the krauts what's for

Keep it up men

Pound the crap out of them, fire!!!!

Can't see the woods because of the trees are in the way

The Germans won!!!