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Italian Wars

Have started a 16th century Italian Wars French Army.
Have a Black Legion Pike unit, a Black Legion Arqbusier unit, a French crossbow unit, French Gendarme unit, French Mounted Crossbow unit and a heavy gun.
Working on another Black Legion Pike unit and some BL Double-soldiers, plus 2 French Pike and 2 Swiss Pike units, more Double soldiers, Heavy Cavalry and more guns.

We had a practice game last club meeting (13th March) using a new set of rules by Jason Bury (a little feedback from me and the others).  The rules are having a little tweek here and there and should be pretty right for the April 10 club meeting and hopefully my army.

The practice game was Louis XII vs the Pope.  The Pope died and so did most of his command.  Didn't go to well for the French but we were in better position than the Italians.

See what happens next time.  See if I can get some pictures from Jason.
In April we had our big game.  There was a last minute change in rule set to "Bad War".

The French King Louis XII (me) had 16 units including the Black Band and Scots Guard Archers + 3 guns.
The Pope Julius II (Jason) had about the same + 2 guns.

The French Gendarmes (in the centre) went charging off early to attack some Italian heavy cavalry under Francesco Maria I della Rovere, Duke of Urbino (on the enemy left flank) and were shot away by guns and crossbows to the point that only about 40% made it to the enemy cavalry and were destroyed in that contact (so much for the elite).

King Louise XII with his Scots Guard and Gendarmes

Meanwhile Louis de la Trémoille (Alex) moved his heavy cavalry off to the far French left and drew the attention of all of the Italian right (under Cardinal Matthäus Schiner, Bishop of Sion) while Trémoille's infantry drew the attention of the Italian centre (Pope Julius II), this left the French centre and right to attack the Italian left.

On the whole the French artillery did more damage than it's infantry except for the Scots Guard.  These elite infantry advanced and added to the woes of the Italian mercenary pike holding the road eventually forcing them to rout off the field (yeahhh).

The French heavy cavalry under the right wing commander Charles d'Amboise, Marshal of France attacked the Italian heavy cavalry (the unit that had beaten the Gendarmes) and routed it off the field.  But this unit had to retire due to those pesky Italian mercenary crossbows.  These crossbow also saw off a unit of French Longbow, it seems those crossbow men should get more money.

The French Right

The Black Legion Arquebusiers advanced and were sent back straight away by the fire power of the Italian artillery.  The Black Band Pike managed to advance but a small distance and waited for the Italian artillery to be silenced.

The Black Band

On the French left the French heavy cavalry played cat and mouse with Italian mounted crossbow, suffering losses but not broken.  The two crossbow units on this side traded shots with Italian crossbow to little effect.  But the advancing French Halberdiers were routed (by the combined fire of two crossbow units) when they tried to charge one of the Italian crossbow units.  At the same time the remaining Italian heavy cavalry charged one of the French crossbow and saw them off.  this Italian unit then was forced to withdraw.

The Italian Romandiole Pike advanced with heavy cavalry in support.  But this heavy cavalry got over excited advanced to far was shot up by French crossbow and forced to retire again.

Italian Romandiole and its supporting Heavy Cavalry

By the end of the day we had the situation where both left flanks had overwhelming force advancing towards them which would have meant in the a change of facing for the remaining battle lines as they faced each other off at 90% to their starting facing.

Both sides had suffered having losses and their morale checks were starting to reflect this, but the French had failed to gain any part of their objective which the Italians, however weak, still held the French objective.

So I give it to the Pope as a victory.  We will see what will happen next, with it appears another set of rules.