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Murat's Neapolitans

I have started on the Neapolitan Guard Grenadiers.
I obtained the figures in April from Ian of War and Peace Games. Ian popped into the club and brought a box Victrix Imperial Guard Chasseurs a pied and a box of Perry Dragoons, both were incomplete (this is how they had arrived from the supplier) so he offered them for $20 as long as the money went to the club kitty). 
I needed the Dragoons and thought I would try the Victrix Guard (30 figures).  I added two other figures and they will be the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Neapolitan Guard Grenadiers.
Have completed the 1st Battalion (will take photos soon and upload).

The start of a Neapolitan force. Not sure where this one will end.

Have passed on these figures to Jason (March 2012).