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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Russian 1812 (August 2014)

This battle was based on a battle on the southern/right flank of the French forces in Russian 1812.

Involved were the Austrian and Saxon Corps vs the Russian 3rd West Army.

Geoff supplied all the Russians (he has a lot of Russians), Robert the Austrians (these Austrians are part of his 1812 project), Don, Paul and Bryan supplied Prussians to act as Saxons.

We used WRG rules as amended by the Northern Sydney Wargames Club.

There were a couple of new guys to the club involved (Dennis and John E) plus our Chilean member (Don's son John).

I (Thoran) was playing on the Russian side then the Austrian side (one member had to leave suddenly), I was so confused.

Austrian advance

Saxon and Austrian artillery

Saxon Heavy cavalry

Austrian and Saxon infantry

Saxon cavalry and infantry (yes they do look like Prussians)

Russian infantry, cavalry and artillery

Russian infantry and Cossacks

Austrians and Saxons advance against the Russians

Austrian infantry and Hussars advancing against the Russian left

Austrians and Saxons in the centre (yes and again the Saxons look like Prussians)

Austrians and Saxons in the centre having taken a strong position (yes and again the Saxons look like Prussians)

Same position from behind

The Saxon light cavalry advance

Russians on the left and Austro-Saxons on the right

Russian Hussars advance (the front regiment look a lot like Westphalian Garde Hussars)

Fighting was heavy in the centre

Russian infantry advancing

A mass of Austrians

Looks massive

The Austro-Saxons looked a little thin on the ground here

But thick here

They attack through the town

Austrian Hussars taking out a Russian battery

Cossacks forward

Too many Saxons

Some Saxons withdraw as others advance