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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Gallipoli 25 April 1915 (April 2015)

World War One ANZACS at Gallipoli 25 April 1915

This was a centenary game put for ANZAC 2015.

This was put on by our resident WWI guy Stephen A.

I did not take enough photos and some did not come out very well at all.
Hope someone else took some shots.

AWRG Napoleonic (April 2015)

Australian WRG

Wargames Rules for the Horse and Musket Era 1685-1850

An Anglo vs French Napoleonic game using Australian WRG rules as used at Cancon.

The players are to old time members from the Lindfield days.
Good to see them back.

ACW Barlow’s Knoll-Gettysburg Day (April 2015)

Early’s Attack on Barlow’s Knoll at Gettysburg 1863-Day 1

This game organized by Jason.

This was a Confederate victory.
The Union forces were attacked by superior Confederate forces by in number and morale.

But the Union brigades put up a tough fight, holding off the Confederate right and delaying the advance of the Confederate left by a stiff defence in the centre. Two of thee Union batteries poured devastating fire onto the Confederate right with the help of a Union regiment hidden in the woods.

The Union left flank brigade

The four Confederate batteries on their left

One of the four Confederate veteran brigades

The leading Union brigade and battery exposed on Barlow's Knoll

The second Union brigade maintained it's position on the far side of the Knoll until necessary

The second Union brigade extends it's line to the right as the reserve of the Confederate force advances

The dying combats of the day.