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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

L’Art de la Guerre (August 2016)

New member of the NSWC Michael W brought along his 6mm Romans and Greeks.

He and Paul B played two games and they did not need a large set-up area.

See if I can get a few words from the players soon.
Well neither sent me anything so no words from the players and Paul B moved to Brisbane in December 2017.

A mass of troops

Battle is on.

Game two? A cavalry action

Chain of Command (August 2016)

Steve McG and Martin are play testing CofC using Warhammer units, interesting.

Not sure how the guys are finding the rules. I'll find out soon.

Didn't find out about this as of Feb 2018.

Battle of Saalfeld (August 2016)

Saalfeld took place on the 10th October 1806.
Rules: NSWC's WRG rules.

Prince Louis of Prussia should have withdraw from his forward position back to the eastern side of the Saalfeld river.
The Prince did not and took on a larger French force and lost (also his life), a few days later the two battles at Jena and Aeurstadt  took place and the end of Prussia as an enemy of France until 1813.

Don provided the Prussians (1813 uniform) and the Saxons (we used bicorne Spanish as no one has any Saxons in either the pre or post 1810 uniforms (except the Kuirassiers for 1812 campaign)

The Prince (Don) ordered a rapid advance by his forces which put the French on the back foot at first.

The French finally started to make headway by move four and didn't look back (except for a small issue in a cavalry melee).

By the end of the day the Saxon's had been removed from play the Prussian centre had failed it's break test and could only retire or stand still and react only.

The Prussian right had passed it's break test and continued to fight even though there were no other Prussians left.

Saxon's preparing to advance (Allied left)

French left on the hill.


French centre

Prussians moving forward

Saxons in Saalfeld

The Prince (the late [2017] Don McIntyre, he is sorely missed)

Saxons advance

From Prussian right to left


From Prussian centre looking at French left (there seems to be a visiting general)

Prussian centre

Looking from Prussian centre to French centre and left

Looking from French right to left

The Prussian centre foot battery took a heavy toll of the French Hussars

French left advancing, one abandoned gun from the Prussian horse battery

Saxon Grenadiers running from French line

French right Saxon left fighting it out

Prussian battery has routed and battalion guns abandoned

French lines facing Prussian and Saxons in column for a fire fight

Saxons advancing

Saxons in rout

French Chasseurs being pursed by Prussian Dragoons

French right. French freed up units now advancing onto the exposed left of the Prussian centre

Saxon's running away