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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

ACW and Bolt Action (July 2013)

ACW Action at Vineyard farms 1863

This battle was organised by Jason using the Black Powder rule set.

It was a great game and a good day.

Col. Hans Heg's 3rd Brigade out on a limb
 Brigadier General Jefferson Davis 1st Division of 20th Corps was holding the Union right at Chickamuga when he was attacked by the Confederates'.
Colonel Heg (25th Illinois, 35th Illinois, 8th Kansas & 15th Wisconsin) had taken his brigade to far forward with Brig. Gen. William Carlin 2nd Brigade (21st Illinois, 38th Illinois, 81st Indiana, 101st Ohio & the 2nd Minnesota Artillery) behind in support and father back a Col. John Wilder's Mounted Infantry brigade (98th Illinois, 123rd Illinois, 17th Indiana, 72nd Indiana & 18th Indiana Artillery).

Brig. Gen. William Carlin 2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. William Carlin 2nd Brigade

1st Brigade-Col. John Wilder

Confederates advancing against Heg's brigade

The Confederate Left Flank

Confederate artillery on the Left

On the Confederate left

25th Illinois

21st Illinois

Carlin's 2nd Brigade, he leads his men from the front

Wilder's brigade has moved forward

Wilder's brigade

Carlins' Brigade on the Union Left (the 114th Pennsylvania acting as the 101st Ohio)

Carlin's regiments waiting for the Rebs

Colonel Sidney Barnes' veteran brigade (35th Indiana, 8th Kentucky, 51st Ohio, 99th Ohio & the 7th Indiana & 3rd Wisconsin Artillery) from 3rd Division, 21st Corps arrives as a very welcome reinforcement for the Yankee right

One regiment halted but more keep coming

The mass of the Rebel forces with the last of Heg's regiments over on the Union Left still holding out

Carlin's regiments in the firing line trying to delay the Confederate advance

Col. Charles Harker's 2nd Brigade (100th Illinois, 50th Indiana, 13th Michigan, 26th Ohio and 8th Indiana & 6th Ohio Artillery), 1st Division 21st Corps arrives. These and more reinforcements coming mean that the Reb's have lost the race but have they lost the battle.

The veterans stopping the Reb's in their tracks

Yankee troops pouring into the Union centre

Veteran Union troops exchanging fire with the Confederates

The Rebs' making another push for the Union supply road on the Union Right

Massed Rebel artillery

The tight battle in the Centre with Carlin's brigade.

Confederate reinforcements move to battle.

What river!!

Is that some Scots there!!

The vets have stopped the head long Confederate advance

Buell's brigade supporting Harkers'

Forward men but don't fire those guns yet

The Mounted Infantry have advanced and hold the road the Reb's need.

The last of the Conderate forces on their Left move forward

The mass of battle

The push of battle.

The Union forever

The Rebs are now on the back foot on the Union Right flank.

Lots of Union troops now and there are still more to come if needed.

      The Confederate forces lost more troops on the day and the Union held the reinforcement road and the road that headed off to the Main Union positions at Chickamuga. However, the Rebel Texas Brigade got off table near the road which was it appears part of their objective.

The game was good and I enjoyed the Blackpowder rules more than the last time, but this may have come from a better understanding of the rules.


Bolt Action

I did not get enough pictures of this game of Russians vs Germans as I was tied up as Union C-in-C.

This game was organised by Stephen.  It looked good.

Russian infantry

T-34 in support

German HMG team laying down supporting fire.

Another German HMG team