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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Napoleonic Game (October 2014)

Battle of Kalish February 1813

We used BP rules with scaled down measurements.

The Franco-Saxon-Polish Corps was enhanced by some additional cavalry (but outnumbered by two to one instead of four to one).
The Franco-Saxon-Polish cavalry did very well in the end despite some unlikely early set backs of the Saxon Elite Kuirassiers against Cossacks (what the!!).
Most of the Russian Right cavalry was gone and all the Left Flank was gone, but on the left of the Allied force still had to contend with about 20 Russian Battalions.
It was a good day.

Russian Left Flank

Russian Left Flank

Russian Left Flank

Russian Center

Russian Center

Russian Right Flank

Franco-Saxon Right

Franco-Saxon Right

Franco-Saxon Center

Franco-Saxon Right

Russian Left

Russian Left

Russian Center

Russian Center

Russian Right

Russian far Right

Franco-Saxon & Polish and Center Right

Russian Right and Franco-Saxon Left

Russian Right-Center advances

Last of the Russian Reserve cavalry

Russian Right Center advancing

Russian Right. By this stage most of the Cossacks and Line cavalry had left, the Cossacks had seen off  two Elite Saxon heavy cavalry units

Russian Right Center, two of these battalions were sent off by Polish cavalry who were in turn sent by the Russian artillery musket fire.

The Center which remain in Franco-Saxon hands all day.

More Russian infantry comes onto the battlefield

Russian Cossacks and Dragoons

The Saxons (or are they Wurttembergers) seeing off the Russian Cossacks and Hussars

Russian infantry about to take on Saxon Kuirassiers

Russian Hussars about to mix it with Elite Saxon Carabiniers

Saxon Kuirassiers led the French infantry

Russian Uhlans and Dragoons about to make life hard for the Polish infantry

The dice are what is left of two Polish Uhlan and Krakus regiments.

Russians pressing the Allied center but not enough

The Franco-Saxon Right pressing the Russian Left and Left-Center

Russian reinforcements arrive on the left

The Franco-Saxon Right presses forward

Franco-Saxon Right

ACW Battle of Chantily 1862 (September 2014)

The Battle of Chantilly (or Ox Hill)

Union troops take on a Confederate attack

Another shot of the same attack

The Union centre

Behind the Union centre

Union left

Confederate right, it took all day for this large force to do anything because of the heavy going and the Generals failing to give orders

The Rebel right

Rebel left

Rebel centre

Rebel attacks in the centre

The Rebel left

Rebel left

Rebel right

Union left

The clash in the centre

Union right

Battle of the Union right/Rebel left

The Rebs have been thinned in the centre