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WWI Air War (December 2013)

At the last Meeting of the year and the club had it's usual group event.

We did decide to put on the WWI air combat games again, they we a big success in 2012 and success breeds success, so we did it again.
Geoff is the man behind these games and this year he came up with 3 games each being a different period in the First World War.
The first (I missed, car issue) went very well, except my sub pilot was shot down.

Following are the pictures from a late point in the second game (had forgot to take any) and the third, some others took photos when I get them I will add them.

Guys, guys, where are you?
The British planes are Vickers FB5 Gunbus against a Fokker E3.
Unfortunately no photo's of the 2nd. period as pointed out, this included Fokker  E3's and Pfalz E2's up against British DH2's, Fe2B's, Fe8's and BE12's.
All other photo's are of the later period with Fokker D7's and Fokker D8 with Pfalz D12's.

I think he may have a little trouble here.

A passing shot

Which way did he go

Has anyone seen a German around here, ooohh

Come back, we only want to play

Is the white one on my side??

Knock, knock, is anybody home

I am feeling a little out on a limb

Ahhhh, tasty

Which one will go first, the Red or the White?

He is still around, whats' with that


The Blue Max is mine all mine, my precious

DSO, jolly good chaps