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WWI Air War (December 2013)

At the last Meeting of the year and the club had it's usual group event.

We did decide to put on the WWI air combat games again, they we a big success in 2012 and success breeds success, so we did it again.
Geoff is the man behind these games and this year he came up with 3 games each being a different period in the First World War.
The first (I missed, car issue) went very well, except my sub pilot was shot down.

Following are the pictures from a late point in the second game (had forgot to take any) and the third, some others took photos when I get them I will add them.

Guys, guys, where are you?
The British planes are Vickers FB5 Gunbus against a Fokker E3.
Unfortunately no photo's of the 2nd. period as pointed out, this included Fokker  E3's and Pfalz E2's up against British DH2's, Fe2B's, Fe8's and BE12's.
All other photo's are of the later period with Fokker D7's and Fokker D8 with Pfalz D12's.

I think he may have a little trouble here.

A passing shot

Which way did he go

Has anyone seen a German around here, ooohh

Come back, we only want to play

Is the white one on my side??

Knock, knock, is anybody home

I am feeling a little out on a limb

Ahhhh, tasty

Which one will go first, the Red or the White?

He is still around, whats' with that


The Blue Max is mine all mine, my precious

DSO, jolly good chaps

Battle of Milan (November 2013)

Organised by Jason

The Battle of Milan in 1522

Jason organised this renaissance game set in Italy in 1522 between French forces under King Francis I and the Papal-Imperial Forces under The Warrior Pope and Georg von Frundsberg (founder of the Landsknechts).

We used the Pike & Shotte rule set.

The Pope and von Frundsberg were hiding behind a long stone wall (cowards) with only the extreme left and right not having any walls (but not enough space for a cavalry line to move unhindered, as the Imperials would find out later).

The Pope command CR 8
2 Condottiere Heavy Horse units (Hand-to-Hand value 8, Morale Value 3+, Stamina Value 4, Special +1)
1 Swiss Pike Unit (Hand-to-Hand value 7, Morale Value 4+, Stamina Value 8, Special 4+)
1 Swiss Arquebus Unit (Hand-to-Hand 4, Shooting 2, Morale 4+, Stamina 3, Special 0)
1 Swiss Guard Unit (Hand-to-Hand 6, Morale 3+, Stamina 4, Special 4+)
1 Swiss Guard Arquebus Unit (Hand-to-Hand 4, Shooting 2, Morale 3+, Stamina 3, Special 0)

Georg von Frundsberg command CR 9
4 Landsknecht Pike Units (Hand-to-Hand 6, Morale 4+, Stamina 8, Specials BW, Hedgehog)
2 Dopplesoldners Units (Hand-to-Hand 6, Morale 4+, Stamina 4, Special Double-Handed weapons)
2 Arquebus Units (Hand-to-Hand 3, Shooting 2, Morale 5+, Stamina 3, Specials Bad War, Mercenary)

Don Antonio De Leyva command CR 8
1 Gendarmes Heavy Horse units (Hand-to-Hand 9, Morale 3+, Stamina 4, Special 4+ & d3)
2 Men-at-Arms Heavy Horse units (Hand-to-Hand 8, Morale 3+, Stamina 4, Special +1)
3 Light Cavalry Units (Hand-to-Hand 6, Shooting 2, Morale 5+, Stamina 3, Special Fire & Evade)

Fernando D'Alvaos, Marquis of Pescara command CR 8
4 Heavy Cannon units (Hand-to-Hand 1, Shooting 3-2-1, Morale 5+, Stamina 2, Special 0)
4 Arquebus Units (Hand-to-Hand 3, Shooting 2, Morale 5+, Stamina 3, Specials Bad War, Mercenary)
For the French

Commander King Francis I of France

Francis I command CR 8
3 Gendarmes Heavy Horse units (Hand-to-Hand 10, Morale 3+, Stamina 4, Special 4+ & d3)
1 Sradiot Unit (Hand-to-Hand 6, Shooting 2, Morale 5+, Stamina 3, Special Fire & Evade)

Richard De La Pole command CR 8 The Black Band
2 Landsknecht Pike Units (Hand-to-Hand 6, Morale 4+, Stamina 8, Specials BW, Hedgehog, Brave)
1 Dopplesoldners Unit (Hand-to-Hand 6, Morale 4+, Stamina 4, Special Double-Handed weapons, Brave)
2 Arquebus Units (Hand-to-Hand 3, Shooting 2, Morale 5+, Stamina 3, Specials BW, Mercenary, Brave)

Anne De Montmorency command CR 8 The Swiss
4 Swiss Pike Units (Hand-to-Hand 7, Morale 4+, Stamina 8, Specials Ferocious, Hedgehog, Elite 4+)
1 Swiss Arquebus Units (Hand-to-Hand 4, Shooting 2, Morale 4+, Stamina 3)

Charles IV, Duc d'Alencon command CR 8 The French
3 French Pike Units (Hand-to-Hand 6, Morale 4+, Stamina 8, Specials Hedgehog)
4 Crossbow Units (Hand-to-Hand 2, Shooting 2, Morale 5+, Stamina 3)
4 Medium Cannon Units (Hand-to-Hand 1, Shooting 3-2-1, Morale 5+, Stamina 2)

Francesco Maria Della Rovere, Duke of Urbino command CR 8 The Venetians
2 Italian Pike Units (Hand-to-Hand 6, Morale 4+, Stamina 8, Specials Large, Hedgehog)
2 Condottiere Heavy Cavalry Units (Hand-to-Hand 8, Morale 3+, Stamina 4, Special +1)
4 Italian Arquebus Units (Hand-to-Hand 3, Shooting 2, Morale 5+, Stamina 3)

The Pope and his forces waited behind their wall with just the 3 units Light Cavalry from Don Antonio De Leyva command out before the wall.

King Francis had his command on the Left Flank with the Duc d'Alencon command in support.
The cannon were assigned to Duke of Urbino's command on the Right Flank.
The centre was made up of Anne De Montmorency command Swiss and Richard De La Pole  command of the Black Band.

The objective was for the Swiss and Black Band of 6 pike armed units to punch through the centre while the French and Venetians held to Flanks while giving the enemy the idea they would try and role up the flanks.

The kings Gendarmes are ready to have a go at the Pope

The French are ready on the Left

The Venetians are ready on the Right

The Swiss and Black Band ready to advance

A view of the Imperial position the Left, lots of Pike in support

A long view from the Imperial Left of their strong position

A view of the the Papal-Imperial Centre

The Venetians advancing on the French Right Flank

Imperial Light Cavalry taking on Swiss Arquebusiers after taking care of all the French cannon, they did very well indeed.

Slow march for the French Pike through the fields

French Crossbow against Imperial Light Cavalry

French Gendarmes take on the Popes Swiss Pike

The Imperial Heavy Cannon did a far bit of damage to the slow advance

Imperial Gendarmes and Condottiere on the Imperial Left Flank

Swiss and Black Band

Still a long way from the wall for the Swiss 

Swiss Guard and the Pope

French Gendarmes and Pike on the Left

Swiss Pike at the wall at last and having at the Imperial Arquebusiers and heavy cannon.

French Crossbow supporting the French Stradiots

Condottiere and Swiss Arquebusiers attack the Imperials

Swiss and Landsknecht in battle, no love loss here

The Swiss in the Centre going for the gap and the crossing the wall to have a go at the Landsknecht

Venetian Condottiere cross the wall against Imperial Arquebus

French Pike attack the wall and it's defenders. The Pope's Swiss pike ready to take the French pike in flank.

Just before the Swiss cross the wall in force, one unit already has and fights Von Frundsberg's Landsknechts

The Swiss Pike of Francis have crossed the wall in the centre, not much to stop them now.

The Venetians had crossed the wall and their Pike took on the Dopplesoldners of Von Frundsberg

Close up of the Swiss Guard as they carve into the French Pikes' flank. Another turn or two would have seen the Swiss taken in flank by Gendarmes

Can see the Pope's Swiss Guard pushing in the French Right Flank in the flank. The Gendarmes had reached Stamina and King had to get them up for a charge.  The Centre was were the decision was going to be.

When the battle ended a draw was the decision, still the French had crossed the wall in the centre and on the Right Flank. The French Left flank was on the verge but still the Pope only had two units, their success may have been short lived.

1813 Napoleonic Age of Eagles 15mm Battle (October 2013)

Organised by Mark, Paul B and Thoran

This was our first 15mm Napoleonic game using AoE.
Paul B, Mark and myself (Thoran) have been building 15mm armies using Old Glory, Minifigs and AB miniatures.
Mark has painted a large French army together with a few Prussian and Russian brigades and batteries.
Paul has painted a goodly number of Prussians and I have have a few Russian infantry and cavalry brigades and a number of batteries.
A battlefield was set up and we deployed our forces and had at it, with Michael and Mark as the French and Thoran and Paul as Russo-Prussian.

Russians advancing

French Cuirassiers

Russian horse and foot batteries with Cuirassier and Dragoon brigades in support
French heavy cavalry advancing

The French

The French cavalry on this part of the field spent most of it's time in column and unable to charge
Russian Cuirassiers to the front. The infantry had trouble getting out of column and into Masse. The leading brigade has so far the other two did not for a few moves

This Russian brigade remain in column and did not move for a few moves as the French Old Guard advanced

French Cuirassiers and Old Guard infantry taking out Russian Horse artillery
Russian hussars has failed in their charge onto French Old Guard infantry but the French Cuirassiers just did not want to charge

Russian Cuirassiers ready to charge the French infantry

Prussian Lancers taking on French Lancers on the Allied Left Flank
French brigades in the Centre

Russian Cuirassiers have charged the French Line Brigade

The French Old Guard have broken into the wheatfield defended by the Russian artillery and two brigades of musketeers. The French Cuirassiers were pushed back out by the Russian infantry
The second Russian Cuirassier brigade with infantry support is pushing the French back

French Cuirassiers pushing back Russian Grenadiers

The French in the Centre continue to advance, what is their no one to stop them
The far Left Flank of the Allied line, the Prussians were getting the better of the French cavalry

The Russian infantry on the Allied far Right Flank were being push back by the French Old Guard

Russian Cuirassiers had to retire from the French Line infantry

Prussian infantry in the Centre, at last trying to stop the French

Really bad picture of the Allied Left
In the end the Allies gave it as a French Victory.
One Russian Dragoon brigade did give the French infantry and artillery on the French Left Centre a lot of trouble but it was not enough, the French had the overall upper hand.

this calls for a re-match in the new year.