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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Battle of Liebertwolkwitz (August 2013)

Battle of Liebertwolkwitz 14 October 1813

This was a last minute game in one respect.
There was going to be a Blackpowder Napoleonic game and a WRG Napoleonic game. Then it turned out that the BP game was off so we then all ended up with the WRG game and a WWI Aircraft game (of which I have no photos, see what I can do).
While we have a look of troops only about half ended up on the table in the end, but still was a good game.

See the photos below.

Austrian Advance Guard on the Allied right flank (what's in the box)

Mass of Allied and French cavalry in the centre, Murat must be proud.

Cossacks, Russian Cuirassiers, Prussian Dragoons, Cuirassiers and Uhlans vs French Dragoons, Hussars and Lancers and Polish Lancers and Chasseurs

Prussian Dragoons and Russian Cossacks see off French Lancers

Russian Cuirassiers seeing off French Dragoons (Looks like Westphalians in front there, mmm)

Russian Cuirassiers awash in French Dragoons  (looks like Westphalians again up front, what's going on here)

Westphalians again, there is not suppose to be any Cuirassiers on the French side.

French infantry has arrived, at last. Where have you been guys

Russian cuirassiers vs French Dragoons, surprised the dragoons are still there

The  Russians trying to get up and over the central hill, no luck there all day.

A mass of French and Polish light cavalry arrive

Prussian infantry in square Polish Lancers chasing Prussian infantry, where are the men for the guns

More unmanned Prussian guns what's the story with the Prussian artillery

None shall pass

More unmanned artillery on the French right flank/Allied left flank

Captured Prussian guns, but no one to man them, such a pity

Prussian cavalry chasing French cavalry, Prussian jaegers in square on the Allied left centre

Austrians on the right advancing to take on Westphalian infantry (In this case my Austrians were taking on my Westphalians)

Austrian Grenz advancing against French artillery

Austrian artillery fires on the French artillery on the hill

Russian horse artillery gave the French cavalry and artillery on this flank a great deal of trouble. In one counter battery firing this battery destroyed an entire French horse battery by rolling 3 sixes out of four die (that was me, never done that in 40 years of WRG)

Prussian Cuirassiers about to have a go at pursuing French Dragoons

Prussian Uhlans and Cuirassiers moving up in the centre seems no end of Allied cavalry
Russian infantry advancing into the mass of cavalry duels (brave lads, stupid but brave)

Cossacks on the French lancers flank, mmmm

Prussian Dragoons chasing French Hussars, this should be good

Westphalian infantry hiding behind a hill, in square

Prussian jaegers moving up

Forming square in a stream, interesting a disordered square

The Polish Cuirassiers show up, at last some cuirassiers on the French side

Looks like Nassau, but for whom do they fight, in front of Austrian guns, I think that answers the question

Nassau again, chasing Prussians, ahh with the French, they are

French Lancers, Gendarmee Lancers and Chasseurs (being Polish today)

Austrian Cuirassiers behind Westphalian Cuirassiers, French infantry in square, what's the story here
French and Westphalian infantry on the far French left flank

The Grenzier having a go at French artillery

A mass of Allied cavalry, with Russian infantry support, starting to see the end of the French cavalry in the centre 
Russian infantry to the rescue

Cossacks still in the fight, not for long

Cossacks again for how long

Prussian infantry getting ready to advance

More French cavalry

French infantry hiding behind the hill from the Austrian Grenz

Those Austrian Cuirassiers seem to be facing the wrong way

Prussians on the left flank seem to be advancing

Nassau again, caught in square in front of a Austrian Battery with Prussian infantry and cavalry closing in

Polish 14th Cuirassiers onward

The bridge is held, still a square in the stream, not sure about it still how an unsteady square would hold up against cavalry

The day ended with the French barely holding out in the centre, the Prussians advancing against the Poles on the Allied Left Flank and the Austrians advancing onto the French Left Flank.
Still this was a French holding action as the Emperor organized his forces at Leipzig.