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Napoleonic Peninsula Game (March 2014)

Napoleonic Peninsula Game

Organised by Robert

This was a WRG rule set game organised by Robert using one of his corps that he will be using as part of his Army of Portugal in our 1812 Peninsula Campaign (which we hope starts by the end of 2014).

See the pictures below.
There was ex-ordinary Spanish gunnery on the day.

A mass of Spanish infantry and artillery

A mass of French infantry, cavalry and artillery
French infantry with French Lancers & Saxon Cuirassiers. This cavalry was destroyed by 4 batteries of Spanish artillery.


French on the hill, with what looks like mountain artillery

Italians and French

Swiss and French

The Swiss

Croatians and French

British Royal artillery
British Hussars

Italians and French on the far right facing the British left

British on the Allied Left

Spanish (are the Westphalians there)


Spanish and Portuguese

French moving over a steep hill

French mass advancing

A Spanish mass waiting

Saxon Garde du Corps and Portuguese Legion pushing into the village

French in the centre push forward against Spanish cavalry and 

French squares how odd, does that mean cavalry that is not French on the table

I think I see Westphalian flags again

Spanish cavalry storming across the stream

Spanish facing a French line

Looks like the Portuguese Legion has taken the church with Spanish guns about to renovate

British advancing against the French through the fields

British and French Dragoons fight it out

So who are these guns firing at again, poor Italians

British artillery staying on the hill

British and KGL Heavy Dragoons mixing it up with French Dragoons

Advance I say, advance
It was a bloody day, the Spanish did better than expected by all, except the Spanish.
Have to have another of these.