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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

40k, Bolt Action, Gunfight in Old Mexico, Napoleonic (September 2013)

We had a number of games going on the day they were all fun:

Bolt Action
Gunfight in Mexico
Boardgames (Railways of the Eastern US & Blockade Runner)
Napoleonic Peninsula 25/28mm


Bolt Action


Gunfight in Mexico



Anglo-Spanish vs French & French Allied.

The Big House

The Light Division

The Village

Division of French light cavalry

Brigade of Westphalian infantry

Westphalian artillery and another infantry brigade

Wurttemberg and French cavalry (this is the French Left Flank)

Wurttemberg light infantry brigade

Westphalian Garde Hussars followed by the Garde du Corps

Westphalians advancing

One of the Spanish Infantry Divisions advancing towards the Westphalians

French Lancers threaten Spanish infantry

The Spanish form square as French Lancers threaten

French artillery supporting Italian Dragoons and infantry

Spanish infantry move against the Big House
French Dragoons take on Spanish Lancers

Massive Spanish forces after the Big House

Spanish Dragoons and Line Cavalry

Spanish Grenadiers and Guard infantry

Wurrtembergers giving the British a fight

Wurttemberg infantry advance while French 6th Hussars withdraw

Wurttemberg Horse artillery and cavalry taken on the British Household Brigade

Th British Division holding the hill

British infantry advance up the hill while British Hussars try to rescue their heavy friends 

British rockets ready to fire

Anglo-Portuguese Light Division defending the the Village

The Wurttembergers advancing up the hill

British infantry have to form square

Westphalian 2/2nd Line attack Portuguese infantry

Westphalian 1/2nd Line attack the rockets, and fail

The 95th Rifles supported by the 1st & 3rd Portuguese Cacadores

Spanish infantry have taken out the Westphalian heavy battery

Westphalian Cuirassiers and infantry

Westphalian Garde cavalry heading over the bridge

French Gendarme Lancers take on Spanish infantry

Spanish heavy cavalry coming up to support the infantry

Spanish Grenadiers some taken in flank by Nassau Chasseurs

French and Cleve-Berg infantry pushing into the Spanish

Nassau infantry fighting the Spanish at the Big House

The Spanish Guards infantry charged by French Dragoons

Attack on the Big House from the Spanish side

Italian Dragoons pursing Spanish artillery

The Cleve-Berg infantry

The Nassau Chasseurs cutting up Spanish Grenadiers