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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Flames of War (February 2015)

Robert and Roy played this game with Rob's new FoW 8th Army and AK.

The figures looked great and game looked like fun.

Two British tanks brewed up

The AK advances

Brit infantry are ready

Brit 25pdrs banging away

There goes a German Panzer

The dreaded 88's

The Afrika Korps seems all powerful

Napoleonic Sails of Glory (February 2015)

A new naval game called "Sails of Glory" was played , it looked good, the play was easy enough for the first timers to catch on.
I think the French won.
I asked if they could play it like it was part of our 1806 Itatalian campaign.

See the pictures below.

Waterloo Soldiers Game (February 2015)

Play Test of Draft Rules Waterloo Soldiers

We have been developing these rules from Gettysburg Soldiers.
This was our first play test, changes have to be made and play test again.