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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Battle of Wormditt 1807 (May 2007)

A Napoleonic 1807 Campaign Game

This is another game from our 1807 campaign.

The game was good everyone had a great day.

This battle was fought by us in May 2007.
At that time we were still located at Lindfield.

I will contiue adding.

French cavalry

French cavalry, infantry and artillery

Massed French infantry

The French advance
The French ready for the Russians

The French in Wormditt
French cavalry & horse artillery

French foot battery & infantry
Russian infantry

Russian infantry & cavalry
The Russians, the French favourite Russian troops, the Cossacks.

More of Geoff's Russians
The Russians in mass

French Dragoons behind French artillery
The French facing off the Russians

Cavalry actions on the far French left.
More of cavalry actions on the French left/Russian right

This looks to be somewhere in the centre
Wormditt filled with French

The French push in the centre
Russian and French infantry clash

Will these French hold
Russians moving everywhere

Russian artillery

The French in Wormditt, still
A view of the centre

More of the centre

View of the centre from the other direction
The Russian players. The closest person is Don (our longest serving member), then Paul C and then Don's son John (lives in Chile, comes for the December & January games). This was at the Lindfield Hall.

French Foot Dragoons

French Cuirassiers followed by Italian infantry pursing Russian infantry

Battle of Neigenburg 1807 (June 2007)

Battle of Neigenburg 1807

This battle was fought as part of the club 1807 campaign fought in East Prussia/Poland.
The campaign is a good one to do as there is a good map and the area is not to be or too small.
This game took place in June 2007.
French vs Russians and Prussians (did bring some Spanish and British as well into the campaign based on some historical information, for a What if part).
The man to figure ratio used was the WRG ratio of 1 to 50 for infantry & 1 to 40 for cavalry, artillery was allocated at 1 gun per 2 units.

A Wrttemberg Battery/Company

French Light Cavalry

A French Battery and supporting infantry

French in Neigenburg
More French artillery and infantry

French artillery and infantry on their Left Flank
Light Cavalry and Dragoons on the far French Left.

Russian cavalry, infantry and artillery
Russian cavalry

More Russian artillery with cavalry & infantry in support
Cossacks, the French commanders favourite targets

More Cossacks.
Viewing the French

The French Left viewed from the Russian Right
The French view of the Russians

The Russians advance
French cavalry advances, with one unit routing Russians while another is routing

Cossacks move forward
Wurttemberg batteries giving the Russian cavalry a taste

The bridge is blocked
The French infantry waits

Russian Cuirassiers purse French Lancers
Russians move forward, the Cuiassiers at front have taken heavy losses

Another view of the above seeing the opposition
Another view of an earlier two pictures

Russian infantry moving towards the defended town
Both sides have units running

The artillery withdraws from an exposed position
Russian infantry advance

A Russian battery is overrun, but what's behind the French Chasseurs
This Russian battery looks to be on it's own

Russian Cossacks, Lancers and Cuirassiers
Russian Cossacks runninmg around in front of the French

Wurttemberg battery on the right and French on the left
The town

The French

We did finish this campaign (unlike the first attempt many years ago).
The French lost, the Emperor made peace with the Russians and Prussians with the Duchy of Warzaw being only half the size.
Maybe the Emperor will have to try again.