Battle of Karkwitz 1813 (July 2012)

This was a spare of the moment game.
The intent was 3 Franco-German Infantry Divisions (with French, Westphalians, Wurttemberg, Nassau, Berg and Italians) and 3 cavalry Divisions with about 7 batteries vs the Russians (2 Infantry and 3 Cavalry Divisions), Prussians (1 Brigade with 2 batteries) and Austrians (1.5 Infantry Divisions & 1.5 Cavalry Divisions and 3 Batteries).
This was the intent but the French got carried away and we ended up with an extra infantry division and about twice the Cavalry force and twice the artillery (the French could not setup all their forces on the table top).
Anyway the game was large lots of troops and fun for all.  These games are a fill until we start our 1812 Peninsula Campaign.

Wurttemburg Infantry and Jason's great looking new Italian Dragoons

Berg and Nassau
The Italian Istrian and Dalmation Regiments, Jason's new Italian army is taking shape

Wurttemberg infantry and French cavalry
Some of the French heavy cavalry corps

The French infantry on their Right Flank
The Prussians on the Allied Left Flank

More of the Prussians
The Russians held the Centre of the Allied line.

The Russians had to take on the massed French Heavy Cavalry
Russian Cossacks and artillery

Russian Dragoons and infantry

Austrians on the Allied Right Flank

Austrian Advance Guard and cavalry advancing on the French Left Flank.

Nassau Chasseurs routing a Hungarian Battalion

Russian Garde Cossacks pursing French Chasseurs

Russian Cuirassiers have taken out the Italian Dragoons

Russian Hussars overrun a French battery.

Wurttemberg Jaegers advance and form square in a wood!!
Russian and Wurttemberg advance towards each other through the woods

Cossacks rout past Russian squares with French Cuirassiers following
Russian Cuirassiers advance against French Cuirassiers

Prussians advance and attempt to cross the river
Prussian battery firing on the French

Prussians and French line the river (river by MWM)
The French sending reinforcements to the Right Flank

The massed French heavy cavalry on the Right Center
Russian cavalry advance against the French cavalry flank

Wurttemberg Infantry & artillery support the French cavalry
French Light Cavalry advance against the Austrians

Nassau and Berg infantrydefending the French Left Flank against the Austrians


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