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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Renaissance Battle in Holland (March 2013)

Renaissance Game

Organised by Jason

Another good Renaissance game from Jason, with troops from Jason, Mark, Robert and Thoran.
We used the Maximilian  rule set this time. The French lost the day with the King falling in battle, most apt.

See pictures below:

All set

Light Cavalry, heavy cavalry and French Pike with guns on a hill

The Black Band supported by the heavies

The King's Gendarmes ready for combat

Lots of lovely heavies

The Imperials seem ready

The French line
Pike and more pike
Lots of bow and heavy infantry

Heavy cavalry protected by light cavalry

The heavies mix it with each other

Ohh, pike coming in

The French King caught in a trap

The Black Band

Gendarmes see off heavy cavalry

Pike caught in flank, not good

The Black Band

Till next month

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