Battle of Vauchamps 1814 (February 2013)

Rank and File

Organised by Thoran

This was a Napoleonic battle for the February meeting using another set of rules "Rank & File".
I find these a reasonable rule set and remind me a lot of WRG.
Anyway we had the game some liked some did not which is the way of all rule sets.

See below pictures:

French light cavalry

Prussian Guard infantry

Prussian Landweher

French infantry

Westphalian Guard Hussars

Westphalian cavalry division on the far left flank

Westphalian infantry division on the left flank
More Westphalian infantry and artillery

French infantry taking on the Prussians, the French light cavalry seem to be facing the wrong way

French Dragoons & infantry face off Prussian Guard and Grenadiers

The Prussian Guard and Grenadiers holding the bridge
Prussian infantry

Looking towards the Prussian left, French right where the battle began

Westphalians mixing it with the Russians

Westphalian hussars being pursued by Russian Dragoons

Russian Cuirassiers charging Westphalian infantry

French getting stuck into some Prussian artillery

Massed French cavalry come in to support the hard pressed Westphalians on the left. Most of the Westphalian cavalry had ceased to be by this time

Until next month


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