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Battle of Burkersdorf (July 2016)

Battle of Burkersdorf, fought on the 21st July 1762, during the 'Seven years War'
Prussian-Russian forces vs Austrians.

This game was organised by Geoff using his 10mm Austrians and Prussians and some of Mark's Russians.

Another 10mm game was played in 2018.

Opening moves, Austrian General Uhiazy orders his cavalry division to advance , his division included the Erzherzog Leopold and Ferdinand Cuirassier Regts, together with the St. Ignon Dragoons and Kalnoky Hussar Regt.'s against the on coming Prussian left wing under Gen. Neuwied.
Looking along the Austrian right and centre line under the command of Daun

Austrian centre

Prussian right wing commanded by Gen. Knobloch, launches a cavalry probe with Cuirassier Regt. no.7, Dragoon Regt. no.1 and Hussar Regt. no.8

Prussian centre under Gen. Ramin, advances his Russian and Prussian infantry against the Austrian centre

Gen. Neuwied launches his wing, which included Inf. regt;s. 4, 21, 25, 27, 30, 35 and Converged Grenadier Batts. 39 and 49. plus a 12lb. battery and howitzer
Austrian Nadasdy Hussars galloping towards it's target
Prussian centre under Gen. Mollendorf, advances against the Austrian centre with a Prussian Cuirassier regt. a Bosniaken lancer unit, Hussar regt. no 6 and Converged Grenadier battalion, consisting of Regt. 15 ( the guard) Regt. no. 6 and Converged Regt's 30 and 35.

Somewhere on the battlefield, Austrian cuirassiers bashing Prussian dragoons.

Prussian centre cuirassiers launch an attack on Austrian centre, whilst to their left a Prussian hussar regt. is about to be decimated by Austrian infantry volleys.

Austrian centre under Gen. O'Kelly preparing for an attack by Prussian centre.
Austrian right centre tearing gaps in the Prussian advance with cannon fire, in the background the Prussian left wing continues it's advance on the Austrian right.
Part of the Austrian right wing.
Prussian left wing launches attack on Austrian cavalry.

Prussian Cuirassier Regt. no. 7 in the foreground about to clash with the St. Ignon Dragoons.

The inevitable clash shows the Cuirassiers chasing Austrian Dragoon Regt. St. Ignon from the field.
A general melee developing between Prussian General Neuwied and Austrian General Uhiazy's cavalry
On the Prussian right wing, the probe of the Prussian cavalry is turning into a disaster, a Prussian hussar regiment attempting to stop a pursuit by Austrian cuirassiers on a Russian dragoon regt.
In the foreground, Prussian Bosniaken lancers attempting to surround some Austrian Grenzers who are looking to occupy the houses, either for looting or more suitably attempting to stop the on-coming Prussian infantry.
The disaster unfolding in the centre of the battlefield with the combined Prussian/Russian troops taking fearful casualties at the hands of the Austrian guns.

Prussian momentum building up on the left flank (near the hand of fate, seems there have been plenty of hands of fate in these pictures).

Length view of the battle, bottom left the Austrian right and conversely the Prussian left.

Austrian infantry in a firing volley with the right wing Prussian infantry.
As the western starts to set, a number of infantry actions are in progress with a Russian regt. under extreme pressure from an attacking Austrian regt. to the Russian left is part of King Frederick's much vaunted 3rd. Battalion of Regt. no. 15.
Well, talk about the hand of fate, there is now a whole arm, whilst the sun is starting to set in the west, the Prussian commander of the left wing is becoming concerned with some manoeuvres being done by his Austrian opponent (he in fact is awe-inspired by the cunningness of his opponent, almost sees him as a paternal figure), but the fight must go on.
Some revenge for the Prussians, in the foreground where there a number of dice, was an Austrian battery of 12lb. cannon, no longer in existence, smashed by the Prussian battery.However, elsewhere the Prussian right has disintegrated and the Prussian centre is being rolled up.
The high water mark of the Prussian attack- it went no further, the sun had almost set and it was time for fathers and sons to go home.