Fast Play Napoleonic in 28mm (April 2016)

Play Test of Napoleonic Fast Play Rules

As I was the only one with troops we used my Austrians and my Westphalians as the Austrian opposition.

Westphalian Guard Jagers advance ahead of the 1/1st Line

Westphalian Garde Hussars, 1st Kuirassiers and Garde infantry

The Austrians held the village and the area beyond

More Austrians cross the river as well

Austrian Grenadiers come to the support of a Hussar regiment or what's left of it.

French Dragoons and Lancers advance with the support of the Westphalian 2nd Line

Westphalian infantry and artillery

Westphalian cavalry

Austrian infantry in the village

Austrians defending buildings

Westphalian brigade in the Centre and Left

While the Kuirassiers went through the village the Garde Hussars went round the church

Westphalian Garde Hussars and Garde Jagers on the far Left

The slow advance onto the village

Westphalian Kuirassiers after having been shot up by Austrian infantry in the buildings was then charged by Austrian Dragoons

Austrian Hussars being shot up by Westphalian infantry

Austrian Hussars, infantry and artillery taking on the Westphalian French right trying to get behind the village

Austrians taking on the other Westphalian brigade with it French cavalry

Taking on the Austrians defending the village

Austrian Dragoons take on Westphalian Kuirassiers, and win

Westphalian infantry attacking the village

As previous but different angle

The rules worked well just needed some editing and adjustments.
The Austrians won, they had a very good commander in Herr Michael


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