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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Battle of Salamanca & WWII Game (February 2012)

Napoleonic Battle of Salamanca using Age of Eagles

This was a game using the AoE rules.  It is an attempt to use another set of rules for our future Napoleonic campaigns big games.  This is when both sides concentrate large forces (more than a corps each).  We use an amended (amendments came from club members) set of WRG rules similar to AWRG (but pre-date those rules) for all our other Napoleonic campaign games (a corps or less, WRG is just not as useful for large battles).
British and Portuguese

French division

French division

British division

British infantry and artillery with Spanish in support

British and Portuguese troops

British Hussars, artillery & Portuguese infantry

French Dragoons, infantry and artillery

British cavalry and infantry

Spanish infantry with British cavalry


1/72 scale WWII

Bobby put on a 20mm WWII game, more than one game was played that day, they seemed lots of fun.

The village

German Sdkfz 251 APC's
British Bren carriers