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Battle of Sanchobueno 1810 (January 2013)

An Age of Eagles Game

Organised by Thoran

This game was to test play another set of rules for large Napoleonic games.  So I found the orbats for a game we played in our short 1810 Peninsula campaign.
I think if the guys knew the rules better this may have worked, but it was not to be. This time around Sanchobueno progressed further than it did when we played it a few years back using WRG (this maybe just be my opinion).
I think I will stick with my first idea and using WRG for our smaller games in the 1812 Peninsula Campaign and AoE for the large games (given the supply restrictions in the campaign rules there may not be that many of these anyway).  
Anyway see below for some pictures of the days fight.

KGL Light and British Rifles on the British left

Further along the British position heading towards the right

From the French right

Heading towards the French left

One of Don's Spanish buildings occupied by  some Portuguese Legion

Some Wurttemberg and Danish Guard in the Spanish Church (another of Don's great Spanish building)

Wurttemberg Guard Grenadiers

Polish infantry beside Imperial Guard Horse artillery

Italian Brescia Rifles followed by Italian Guard Chasseurs a pied

More of the French Imperial Guard

Spanish troops advancing (somebody left their British at home)

These British have an oddly Spanish looking uniform

Some Spanish were Spanish

Spanish infantry supported by British cavalry on the attack

Wurttemberg and French cavalry taking on British and Brunswick infantry

Portuguese occupy the main position.

Last minute look at the rules.

French & Dutch Dragoons vs British Hussars

Wurttemberg cavalry taking on British infantry