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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Napoleonic Game (January 2012)

We had a new person (Dylan) come to the club this month and he had expressed a desire to play Napoleonic.
As the club was putting a game of Pike in Italy 1520 one of our longest serving members, Bruno (recently retired and moving to Italy in April) volunteered to show Zachary the ropes of Napoleonic gaming with WRG rules (as written no club amendments).

It looked like Zac had a good time, we hope he did.  Here are some pictures of the game.

Renaissance Battle (January 2012)

Organised by Jason

This battle was between the powers of the Pope of Rome (Germans and English forces supported the Pope) and the King of France (needed no support, after all, King of France, need I say more).

The day ended with the collapse of the Pope's Right flank and Centre (the Swiss pike in the centre died to a man even those that surrendered to the Black Legion).

The French had more cannon and more cavalry but over all did not out number the Pope and his allies by much.  The Black Legion was placed in the French centre opposite the Swiss Pike.  The Kings Scot's Guard Archers took on the Papal Swiss Guard and won, thiss was maybe a sign to the Pope.  The Pope's forces fought on and lost.

Good day had by all and an early finish.


Light cavalry crossbow

Some Germans there

French Pike advance towards Italian Pike

Light cavalry fighting it out

Heavy cavalry into the flank of Pike

The Pike advance, slowly

Light cavalry everywhere

Pike and Polearm advance

Mass of troops and a giant in the background

Battle looks heavy

Pike with Light cavalry in support

Pole arm, Heavy cavaley take on Pike

Pike and Heavy Cavalry

Guns Light Cavalry and Pike

Long Bow and Pole axe