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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Battle of Sitzungdorf (March 2012)

The second last game Bruno fought at the club before he left for a new life in northern Italy, I understand he went to the city he was born in near the end of the war (when it was under German control).

The French General of Division Bruno commanded the French Imperial Advance Guard had a small but pugnacious force of Infantry: 24 fig. x 8 btns. Cavalry: 12 fig. x 4 regts. Artillery: 2 batteries @ 4 foot guns and 3 horse guns.
While the Austrian Feld-Marschal-Leutnant Graf von Paulus commanding the Kaiser und Konig Advance Guard had an aggressive force of Infantry: 18 fig. x 12 btns. Cavalry: 12 fig. x 4 regts. 4 foot guns and 3 horse guns. 
The Austrians advanced boldly and rapidly and captured Sitzungdorf, but were checked on the other side and could make no further headway. Seeing that the Austro-Hungarians were stalled, the French left flank began advancing with elan toward a possible single envelopment and were only beaten by the descending darkness of the summer evening.

 The Austrians in Sitzungdorf
 The Austrian artillery throws a triple 6 against the French
 The French reply was a triple 6 against the Austrians, what the!!!!!
French infantry move through the fields

 The French start their advance. Looks like some Brits supporting the Austrians.
British and Austrian troops also advance through some fields

 More Austrians pour into Sitzungdorf.  The French are not going to take this.

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