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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Battle of Linz 1805 (April 2013)

April Napoleonic Game

This game was to test out the Age of Eagles (AOE) rule set for the Russian 1812 campaign, due to a mini disaster with the main map has been on hold for a few months.

See pictures below:

Austrian light cavalry brigade

Austrian brigades advancing towards the French

Austrians on the right

Austrian Cuirassier brigade and Light brigade on the right, with Hungarians on the far right
Austrians advancing on the left

3 brigades of French Dragoons on the French right

More French arrive on their right flank

Austrian Cuirassier brigade taking on the French Grenadier division

Austrian Light cavalry brigade takes on two French Dragoon brigades
French Grenadiers vs Austrian Cuirassiers

Hungarian Grenadiers vs French Grenadiers, does not look good for the Hungarians

French Left flank, a Grenadier division, a Cuirassier division and a Light Cavalry division take on one Austrian infantry division and a cavalry division. The Austrians held up the larger French forces for the day (good work General von Stephen)

On the French right flank

Austrian Cuirassiers and Light Cavalry vs French Dragoons

Austrian Grenadiers and Hungarian Line take on the French in the centre

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