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Napoleonic Battle of Salerno 1806 (March 2015)

Battle of Salerno February 1806

This is a game in our Kingdom of the Two Sicilies Campaign 1806.

This battle takes place on the Western side after the Anglo-Neapolitan Western Corps was defeated and forced to retreat south of Naples.

 This was another French victory on their march south towards the Straits of Messinia.

The two British infantry brigades (6 battalions) held all day against a larger French Division.

The Neapolitan two divisions (the centre and the left flank) were forced back with some loss.

My Westphalians acting as French attacking Neapolitan regulars.

Yes they look like Russians, on the day they are French

We use Spanish as Neapolitan regulars and Garde and Austrians as militia.
The Neapolitan army dress in uniforms similar to both the Spanish and Austrians.

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