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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Napoleonic WRG (Sept 2015)

Napoleonic Peninsula Game

This game used our club modified WRG rules.

Westphalian Garde Hussars

Westphalian Garde Infantry Brigade

Westphalian 3rd Brigade

Westphalian 2nd Brigade

The Heavy Cavalry Division, French and Italian Dragoons, Westphalian Kuirassiers

French Dragoons

Some British infantry

Portuguese infantry and British Heavy Dragoons

The British have formed square because of the French Allied cavalry

Westphalian infantry and French and Nassau cavalry

Two Westphalian batteries on the hill supported by Westphalian infantry

Westphalian and French cavalry with Westphalian infantry

Spanish infantry and cavalry advance on the Allied Left flank against the Westphalians

French Chasseurs and Westphalian cavalry pursuing

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