Napoleonic WRG (October 2015)

Rob wanted to use his nearly completed II Corps (circa 1812) using WRG rules.
So we used a battlefield map from a old campaign and Don brought his Anglo-Portuguese as well as some of Rob's Anglo-Portuguese and Spanish.
There were 4 players per side with lots of figures.

Looking from French right to left. I commanded here with one brigade of infantry, one brigade of Saxon Kuirassiers and two batteries.

From the Anglo-Portuguese-Spanish left to right. Steve McG commanded a Spanish infantry division and a cavalry division support by about five batteries

Closer look of my French infantry command (6 x 24 battalions) and the Saxon cavalry on the road.

Same again just a little further off.

Some of the Spanish heavy cavalry (Front Rank figures I painted for Rob some years ago.

More Spanish cavalry with British artillery and LLL battery

Spanish infantry (Front Rank, painted some years ago by me)

Some of Rob's command. two infantry and one dragoon brigades.

The French Grand battery in the left centre under Michael's command

Anglo-Portuguese troops.

More British

British troops occupied the only BUA

The Saxon heavies are heading over the bridge, this command took heavy losses from the Allied artillery

My infantry moves forward with the horse battery now deployed

Another long shot of the Allied command

Paul B arrived took over a brigade of French infantry and supporting artillery

The hand of the almighty

Saxon Kuirassiers having a go at the British and Portuguese artillery

Spanish cavalry took losses from French artillery, some much so that one because a useless shaken unit.

My French infantry moving across the ford

Some French infantry moving up to cross the bridge

One of the Saxon heavies preparing to take on a Spanish heavy

Looks like Rob is starting to cross the stream

French Dragoons forcing British infa

My infantry no longer bothered by Spanish cavalry keep pushing across the river

Spanish cavalry about to rout after combat with the Saxons

All that's left of two Saxon cavalry units

Another Saxon unit has routed and being pursed by British Heavy Dragoons the French infantry column blocking further movement

The arm of the almighty has now shown up to aid the French

British and French shoot it out

French infantry has replaced the Dragoons to the fore

As more French Dragoons and infantry move across (Micheal's command on the French left)

Masses upon masses

Your shooting where, with the lot

French troops and Portuguese Legion

French Dragoons being pursed by British Light Dragoons

Clash of red as British and Swiss take it other on

British Hussars being pursued by French

Croats and Dragoons

British Life Guards hit in flank by French Chasseurs

French infantry push forward to the BUA

British squares and columns and British Guard Heavies facing French lines and Chasseurs

Don't think there was a decision in the end but it was a fun day.

Till next month when Duponts army takes on the Spanish in 1808


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