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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Zulu War (August 2015)

The Zulu Campaign of 1879

The scene, thousands of Zulu's and less British and Natal, they face off for a battle of civilization over some other civilization, what will win the rifle or the spear.

This game was in 28mm Warlord Miniatures painted by John it was good to see and seemed like fun using Blackpowder rules.

The British line

Zulus lined up and ready

A Zulu Impi

Zulu Impi advances

British and Colonial cavalry

Zulu Impi's

Thin British line

There seems to be a lot of the buggers, thick as grass

First class

Zulu's push with their short stabbing spears

Part of the British line has gone already

Where are the red coats

Natal Native Contingent take on the Zulu

Looks like dismounted cavalry on the Zulu flank

The tide advances

Getting squeezed

The cavalry charge the Zulu

There's more coming


  1. Awesome sight of painted figures/units!


  2. Impressive, very impressive lines of battle!