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AWI (August 2015)

American War of Independence


The American Revolutionary War

We had our first ever AWI game at the club this month (this period of gaming is a great favourite of Steve M) this was organised by Jason.
There were a number of delays to have this game as we wanted to have it in May.
In the end we had the game and it was good, we used the Musket and Tomahawk rules with it's card system.
Nobody had any idea what was unit/s going to be activated, so think quickly about what you want to happen.

Any way have a look at the pictures and we try and get someone to write something about the game.

The figures are Perry and Wargames Factory.

The British far left with 2 line and 2 German Jager

British brigade

British brigade

American brigade

British Indians and Light cavalry

The British objective

American Indians & scouts in their centre

American centre

Another view of the objective with rebel scouts in the woods

American right with more Indians

German Jagers and British Light infantry enter a woods

British centre brigade

British right with some Indians & light infantry

More of the British right

Indians and Continental infantry on the American right

British Indians taking out the American scouts. These Indians were very successful

German Jagers facing off American Indians. Where are they, essen ist fertig!

Essen ist fertig!

View from the British left American Right

German Jagers

British infantry and German Jagers

American Indians

American Continental infantry

Another big view of the battlefield

The hand of God

A bit smokey

Keep going lads

Cavalry, at last

More smoke

Come on my boys

The British pressure on the farm mounted, the the Americans continued to hold

The American right flank had all but disappeared by the end of the day

Are the woods on fire?

These guys did nothing all day

Move over the river boys

The Colonials still have the objective

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  1. Fantastic looking game and figures.....Marvelous!