WRG Battle of Salamanca (February 2012)

In February 2012 we played the Battle of Salamanca using the Age of Eagles rule set (first time we had used this set of rules) we did complete about 6 bounds of play but had not completed the battle.  A number of members decided to redo the battle using WRG (as amended by the club), this would bring more figures and of course units onto the table top.
We did in the end get 6 bounds played again (it took 3 hours to setup), still not enough players could be there to allow more to be done.
Robert provided most of the figures for both sides with some from Don, Geoff (Russians acting as French), Jason, and myself (Westphalians acting as French).

Anyway see the pictures below (Loaded 27 May 2012, sorry I forgot).

The Anglo-Portuguese
The French


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