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Battle of Mockern 1813 (June 2012)

Battle of Mockern 1813

This was a game using aspects of the two actions around fought around Mockern in 1813.

The Allies had two objectives the French one.  If the Allies gained their objectives it would place them (the Allies) behind Napoleons position at Leipzig.

The French had a division of cavalry and one and half divisions of infantry on the field at the start.  later another French brigade and a Wurttemberg cavalry division and a Westphalian division arrived. The Allies at the start of the game had just the Prussian advance guard cavalry division.

Later two Prussian Brigades,a Austrian Division plus a Russian Division arrived at different times.

  The French were still out numbered in all arms.  The Austrians were not aggressive enough to clear out the weak French forces in the centre and the Russians were probably a little late.

This was only the second game we have had for an 1813 battle.  The last one was about 12 years ago and there were just to many troops on the tabletop ending up with no room (table was smaller than it was suppose to be on the day by about half) but that is another story.

French Position on the Right, main Allied and French objectives.
Length of the field
Prussian Left
French Left at Mockern
French Far left. Some cavalry moves forward to scout.

The Austrians have arrived. Earlier than expected.

French cavalry and artillery on the right center.
Prussian cavalry see off French Chasseurs while French infantry advance

French Gendarme Lancers waiting to strike Prussian cavalry
The Westphalian Division arrives.
The Wurttemberg Cavalry Brigade arrives.
Another Prussian Brigade arrives
Long shot

Westphalian Gardes Brigade taking up it's position
Westphalian Cuirassiers hit the Prussian Dragoons in flank
Prussian cavalry routing while the infantry advances through a village
Westphalian Line Brigade advances
Westphalian Cuirassiers Pursuing Prussian Hussars
Westphalian Garde du Corps supporting French Lancers while Wurttemberg Cheavau Legers rout from Prussian Dragoons
Austrians continue their advance against the lightly held French centre.
The Russian division attacking Mockern

The battle was inconclusive in the end, Allies had taken one of their objectives and the French held their one objective, but pressure was building.

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