WRG 25mm Napoleonic and 28mm Bolt Action and 6mm Ancients L’Art de la Guerre (September 2016)

As I was not at the club for September other members took photos.
I have published them all in the one post. WRG Napoleonic, WWII Bolt Action and Acients L’Art de la Guerre.

25mm Napoleonic Game

Looks like someone is missing

What's going on in the background

Which one to move

Now move this one. Ok but what's this yellow thing in my hand for again

The British wait

The paperwork is getting out of hand

Portuguese have a hill

Remember, forward only there's no going back from here

Looks far away

Still does

Looks further away

French advance up close and personal

I have the hill

A mass of cavalry with infantry support

The French advancing (that's new >:O) British waiting

Brunswick infantry British cavalry, British infantry, French cavalry and infantry all over the place

The Swiss regiments have taken a building

Looks like some Portuguese waiting for the Swiss

Bolt Action WWII Game

Is that Japanese Naval vs Germans, interesting

The plane, the plane boss

They don't see us yet, tip toe

Is that Russian cavalry

Their right, it does give you wings

Where are you going with that shell

Take tank through yellow stuff

Do you think if we shoot that Red Bull the plane will fall

Their in front of you, not over to the left

This house will do, no that one or the other one

Is this the unique fixer upper you told me about

I wish we had a plane

I see with my little eye

I said your other right

Yuri go back and get the phone.

Ancients L’Art de la Guerre Game

Boardgame WWI

World War One Naval


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