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WWI Airwar (January 2016)

These WWI air warfare games have become very popular.
You do not need a large area, you do not need a lot of models, you don't need a lot of players and you can still have a great time.

The Baron

Keep coming, I'll have you, German bastard. Halten Sie kommen , ich werde Sie , Engländer

Welches werde ich schießen , ahhh , dieser (Which one will I shoot down, ahhh, this one)

Blutige Englisch (Bloody English)

Great view of this large bomber

Here again the size of the bomber is apparent.

Ich bin der Jagd auf der Schweine , Feiglinge , Rücken und Kampf kommen (I am chasing to of the swine, cowards, come back and fight)

Sie können einfach nicht schießen mich , idioten (They just can't shoot me down, idiots)

Hows that for a hand, and still flying.

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