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WWI Air-war 1915 (December 2015)

Geoff organised another great day of World War One air combat, this year with bombers.
The aircraft used, both fighters and bombers, were all planes that served in 1915.

Firstly I need to make some comments about the game, "I thank Thoran for his comments and would just like to explain a few things about the running of the event.” We first started playing the "Wings of War" game, in 2012, developed by Ares Games (Italy) about 2010, utilizing their pre-painted model aircraft in association with their card based game system, which we base our game on presently.

Since we first started playing this game as our December (Christmas) meeting in 2012 and have been doing this every December since, using only single seat ( fighter/scout aircraft), and because of the appearance of Shapeways (a 3D printing/manufacturing) company, a great number of model aircraft have been produced by various designers to fill in the gaps of those aircraft, not produced by Ares and thereby enabling war gamers to fly aircraft of the Great War in accordance with historically correct entry dates of those particular aircraft. With this in mind, 1915 had introduced a number of different aircraft, both single seat and two seat aircraft and in accordance with the year, I thought that we would for 2015, use those aircraft that were flying in 1915.

There are also a number of designers that I would like to thank for being able to supply us through Shapeways, the aircraft that you see on the below listed photo's.

Colin We: Aviatik C1, Nieuports, Rumpler C1Decapod: Be2c'sJ B Macek: AGO C2'sRoman (alias Kampfflieger): Voisin 3 and just about everything else not listed elsewhereDaryl (Reduced aircraft Factory): Vickers FB5 Gunbus and others Thanks to all you guys, you do a superb job, can't thank you enough.

The game:
There were to be 24 players, 12 to the Entente and 12 to the central powers, split up into 4 groups of 3 players for each side. Each side would get to bomb the opposition on pre-determined target sites, the bombing side would have 2 bombers and 1 scout (single seat) as escorts, the opposition would have 3 scouts for defence and various points would be awarded to each person for attaining their objectives. For the first time in 4 years, the Central Powers (Germany/Austria) were to win with an unprecedented 24 points to 11 over the Entente (France, Great Britain & Russia)
I would like to mention the winners, with the most points :- For The Entente, it was Andrew and Nathan, Andrew will receive a 
Distinguish Flying Cross, and Nathan a DSO, well done to both
For the Central Powers : Stephen and Nicholas, both to receive the Blue Max, congratulations to both.

Father Peter. Presentation to Father for his support over the years at the hall and allowing us to use this wonderful place. 

Number 1-Line up of German Albatross B3's (bomber)

Number 2-German AGO 2's (bomber)

Number 3-German Albatross C1

Number 4-Line up of German Scouts, Fokker’s in the foreground and Pfalz in the background.

Number 5-Fokker’s, the E1, there's that green little Fokker on the far right.

Number 6-Must have a Fokkerphile taking these photos, something in the air about Fokker’s, sorry about the pun (a little Fokker a little Fokker there, there are Fokkers' everywhere).

Number 7-Two Rumpler C1's in the foreground with an Aviatik C1 at the back.

Number 8-Enter the Fokker fodder (a Be2c) according to the British War Ministry in 1916 at a parliamentary session, explaining as to why the terrible losses of this particular aircraft, it was explained that it was a most stable flying machine for the role that it was given, nevertheless it was subsequently replaced in front line duties and used in home defence.

Number 9-The French Spad A2, not favoured by the aircrews etc.
Number 10-British Vickers FB5 Gunbuses, ( Scout/fighters) moved slower than the aircraft they were supposed to be protecting!

Number 11-The French, the Voisin 3, which replaced throughout the war by Voisin 5's, 8's and 10's.

Number 12-Two Vickers FB5, from 3D printing company Shapeways.

Number 13-French Morane Saulnier, mono winged fighter) the previous Saulnier (type L) used by Roland Garros to shoot down a German aircraft utilizing reflector armour on the props, captured by the Germans in trying to destroy the evidence of his secret, subsequently when the Huns tried it they found that their higher rate of fire-power of their machine guns, was not suitable and gave it to Anthony Fokker to work on and in the process, produced the Fokker E type fighter. Only the French could name a tennis court after Roland.

Number 14-Nieuport 10/12, gave birth to the Nieuport 11's, ohhh that must have hurt
Number 15-Nieuport 11's, good speed and better manoeuvrability than the Fokker’s, but suffered because of its light airframe.

Number 16-As above, more Nieuports'.
Number 17-Into the fight. Two Rumpler C1's on a bombing mission, being hunted by 3 Nieuports, where is the Fokker

Number 18-A Fokker escaping a Nieuport only to land in front of a Gunbus.
Number 19-Two Morane Saulniers tracking an Albatross B3 and in turn being attacked by a Fokker.

Number 20-The hand of fate! Two Nieuports and a FB5 Gunbus on the tail of an AGO bomber with the green Fokker in support.

Number 21-The hands of fate at rest. One Nieuport (the other has had enough) and a FB5 Gunbus on the tail of an AGO bomber with the green Fokker about to give the Gunbus a serve.

Number 22-There should be a law about being allowed to wear scary "t" shirts. It just pissed off the Germans

Number 23-A famous Nieuport pilot on the scout, famous.

Number 24-A famous Fokker (I wonder why so many pictures of this little green Fokker).

Number 25-A special mention to Daryl from the Reduced Aircraft Factory, I was hoping we could get a few decent photos of his FB5 Gunbuses

Number 26-This one and the previous photo of a Nieuport and an FB5 Gunbus

Number 27-Two Morane Saulniers (N) after an Albatross B3, albatross, albatross, bloody albatross

Number 28-A Fokker resting (that green one again)
Number 29-A Voisin 3 being harassed by a Fokker.

Number 30-A Be2c with a Nieuport running defence against a Fokker.

Number 31-Spad A2 up against 2 Fokker's, a Spad, how sad.

Number 32-A Be2c being attacked by a Pfalz, go the Pfalz!!

Number 33-This peculiar Fokker in the foreground is an Ares model which depicts a Fokker flown by Hans Joachim Buddecke in Turkish insignia, flown by him in the near East.

Number 34-A lone Nieuport, what else.

Number 35-A Pfalz tailing an FB5, your going down.

Number 36-Can only assume it's the photographers plane, as usual excluding all friends and foes alike, nothing like the limelight eh Thoran !!!! (See the green and you see what I mean, on which one was me)

Number 37-A passing acquaintance, left is me, you see.

Number 38-Another bloody Fokker, can’t wait for 1916 to come around, Halberstadt's, Albatrosses, Roland’s, more Albatrosses and yes more Fokker’s.
Number 39-a poor Frenchman, odds stacked against him, he shouldn't be there.

Number 40-As above, what's this - lets fly united, I can't believe this was not staged, how did you guys get into this predicament ???

Number 41-Ah, all sorted out, this was in doubt?

Number 42-How did this Nieuport survive- or didn't he?, didn't.


  1. That looks like a great game chaps. Well Done!

  2. A good source for data on unofficial (non-Ares) aircraft is the database put out by the Aerodrome Official Unofficial Stats Committee, who work closely with Andrea, the game's designer.


    Latest version http://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=2067

    Hannover CL.II, Fokker E.V, Macchi M5 and Nieuport 28 unofficial stats are now official stats (with amendments)

    "New aircraft are Caudron G6, Nieuport 12bis and 12Beardmore, Paul Schmitt 7, SPAD XVI, Albatros C.V/16 and C.V/17, Zeppelin Staaken R.VI, FBA Type H, Fe2d, Martinsyde S1, Anatra D Anade and Anatra DS Anasal."

    It's been 40 years since I played the heavily embellished Paragon Air Dogfight rules with "Sponge" and Co in the Masonic Hall.

  3. Yes a long time since the Masonic hall days with the aircraft on long sticks. John and I talk about a bit, we are the only members now that did do those dogfight games. Great fun.
    Thanks for the info.
    You should come to Rydalmere one day (if you are in Sydney of course, only a couple of the old NWA guys left)

  4. Any chance we will see you at Cancon 2017? We really should have a Comp one time. Maybe in Goulburn, as the train fare there from Sydney is quite cheap, and there's an active WGF group there.