Zorndorf June (2015)

The Battle of Zorndorf August 25, 1758

We played this game in 10mm using amended WRG Rules.

The figures were supplied by Geoff K and Mark L (he has all the Russian units that took part in this battle and a number of the Prussian units as well)

This was a Prussian victory, a reverse of the historical battle.

The Russian right and left had or were collapsing and a end of day attack on the Russian centre by the Prussian Grenadiers had some success.

Prussians in the centre moving out of Zorndorf
View of the Russian right from the Prussian left (I was the Prussian commander of the left, Roy commanded the Russian Right)

Russian centre (under command of Mark L, Steve W commanded the Prussian centre)

The Russian centre and right with the Prussian left.

The Prussian right from the Russian left (Geoff K commanded the Prussians and Bryan M commanded the Russians)

Prussian Cuirassiers taking on Cossacks

Prussian Cuirassiers in combat with Russian Hussars

This is the cavalry action on the Prussian left/Russian right

Prussian Cuirassiers in combat with Russian infantry on the left/right

Prussian centre taking on Russian Hussars

Prussian and Russian cavalry on the Prussian right/Russian left

Russian centre

View from Russian left

Prussian infantry advance

Cavalry on Prussian left

cavalry action of Prussian left, Cossacks rout (surprise)

More Prussian infantry advance up the Zorndorf road.

Prussian Grenadiers in the centre moving towards the woods

Russian infantry on the left

Russian infantry on the Russian left, being attach by Prussian cavalry

The Prussian Grenadiers attack


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