Neapolitan 1806 Campaign Battle (January 2015)

Battle of Popoli
19 February 1806

This battle took place on the same date as the Battle of Pescara on the east coast.

This involved the French II Corps vs a Russo-Austrian Corps size force in central mountains between the west and east coasts.

These two forces had met before further north at Santi. The French forced the Allied force back. The allies retired to Popoli on the southern side of the Pescara River.

There are mountains behind both the allied and French positions but the French have more high ground on which to position their artillery.

A mixed Austrian brigade and Russian Cossacks on the Allied left

The Cossacks in front with the Austrian Dragoons

Another view of the Cossacks and Dragoons with the mixed Austrian Advance Garde Brigade of infantry and Hussars

The other Austrian Brigade in the southern part of Popoli

The Russians to the right of Popoli

The second Russian brigade

The third Russian brigade on the right flank with the remains of Popoli castle

The French on their left flank

The French advancing up the main road towards their objective of Popoli 

Another French brigade on the main hill in the centre

The French Leger on the right flank

The Allied left has moved to the river line

The Allies have moved to the river while the French advance in the centre

One of the Hungarian battalions charged and caught a French battalion in march column

Austrians on the left advance into the woods to stop the French advance

Cossacks charge across the Pescara and force the French into square

The Hungarians having routed one French battalion are themselves forced back by a French charge

Russian jagers in battle

Russian Jagers line the Pescara on the right

The Swiss advance on the French left

A Polish Legion battalion advances

Austrian and French infantry shot it out all day in the woods

The  leading Cossack brigade routed off and the second brigade retired broken behind the Dragoons

One of the Austrian Dragoon units routed off

The Austrian Advance Garde Brigade retired broken

A French infantry brigade had half its battalions rout off and the rest retire broken followed by a broken Chasseur a cheval brigade in the centre

A Hungarian Battalion occupied one of the buildings on the French side of Popoli then the remaining building fell to a Austrian battalion while the broken French brigade retired

The Russians crossed the Pescara River and gave battle to the French on the north side, don't think the French commander thought that would happen

More of the same action

The the French flanking movement happened, but the Russians were ready

The French Dragoon Brigade and Grenadier Brigade supported by the Swiss hit the Russian right flank

Battle was heavy we see the Polish Legion trying to charge across the Pescara

French Chasseurs a cheval advance

Battle was very heavy on this flank

Two of the French Grenadier Battalions are disordered

A shaken French battalion and a disordered Russian battalion

After losses have been calculated and other factors brought in to be included the battle came to a tactical draw.
Will the French attack again, will the Allies attack, will the French withdraw, will the Allies withdraw.

This is yet to be revealed.


  1. Was great to be back for this game...I had a wonderful day throwing the French forward into the Austrians!


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