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WWII Wings of Glory (June 2014)

The Second World War air combat was large and varied, with doctrine still being established in most countries when the war began, a few such as Germany and Japan having settled on their tactical and strategic use of aircraft, bombers, fighters, transport and recon.

For the first time since the 1970's we saw WW2 aircraft make an appearance at the club (I myself as a teenager played WW2 airwar with Airfix and Matchbox 1/72 scale, there was also some Korean War MIG vs Sabre combat as well)

See below, hopefully we will see more.

From the July 2014 meeting the first 3 below:
Sptfires on the hunt for German bombers


From the June 2014 meeting below:

The ground looks funny from up here

Ahh, the blue sea and open fields

2 Fw-190D's of the Luftwaffe fly past a P-51D of the USAAF and a Spitfire IX of the RAF

2 Fw-190D's fly past a P-51D and a Spitfire IX, again

Spitfire IX with a FW-190D closing in

A FW-190D sandwich between a P-51D and a Spitfire IX

FW-190D Dora

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