Battle of Fondi 1806 (May 2014)

The first battle in the Neapolitan Campaign 

The Battle of Fondi 15 February 1806

The first battle in the French invasion of the mainland part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
Marshal Massena advanced south from Rome towards Naples with the I Corps of the Army of Italy.
At Fondi north of Gaeta Massena encountered the forward elements of the Allied army on the West coast of Italy.
The Allied force consisted of two Neapolitan infantry divisions and a cavalry brigade with a British infantry division and cavalry brigade in support.
The Neapolitan general commanding took up a position just outside of Fondi with a stream across his front on the via Apia. This Neapolitan force did not consist of the best of the army, that was elsewhere.
But the French army has just come from a victorious campaign against Austria

From Fondi looking north towards the Allied position

The Allied position on the stream

It's this size

The Allied position

The French have arrived

French behind the French batteries

Difficult through the rain to see what's happening

The rain making it awkward still to see the French advance 

The French cannot see the enemy, visibility is low

I see French guys

The Neapolitans seem ready

Gives are drink mate, it's taken us hours to march around the flank

The main French force attack down the via Apia

With four French batteries giving the Anglo-Neapolitan centre a bit of shot

Ahhhh, water

It's just a small trickle lads cross over (the new terrain from Jason looks fantastic)

Another shot showing the stream with the new terrain.

The Neapolitan position has depth

What's this Swiss, Massena must have some money

Don't worry about the bridge lads, get your feet wet

The Neapolitan militia go off to fight the French (Guard and Grenadiers) flanking movement

Must be a spot of mist

In go the Grenadiers Reuine

Neapolitan regulars giving it a go

Go for it

Looks like the Allied flank is being rolled up

Another bit of mist to hide movement

Long view of the same part of the flank

Another shot of the flank attack

Another rain squall

Looks like the other flank is not doing to well either

Seems the day is done


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