Napoleonic Naval (February 2014)

At Sea with Bonaparte

Well the Emperor commanded his Admirals out of port and take on the English blockade.

First 3 French squadrons left port when favourable South-westerly winds appeared, with a fourth squadron joining later (the commanding Admiral was otherwise engaged) while the 3 English squadrons were joined a squadron of Frigates.

The seas set the fleets appeared, the English from the West and the French from the North East.

Well the French fleet won a great victory with 3 English ships (1 Frigate & 2 Ships of the Line) striking their colours with the Frigate and a Ship of the Line being boarded and another English ship set adrift with no sails as was a French ship.
This despite all the poor seamen ship in both fleets, with at least five cases of ships running into other ships and becoming entangled.

Sorry about some of the photos, the weather was poor.


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