Gettysburg Game July 2 1863, the Union Clears the Wheatfield (October 2013)

Organised by Jason

So Jason, Robert, Don, Paul C and Geoff played BP ACW for the October meeting.
Matter of fact they played two games, way to go guys.

Here are some pictures.

The Map
That's a mighty big hat

Move along, there's nothin to see here

They can't shoot at us now

Is that a stone fence

We have the road, let's hold here

Looks like you Yankees didn't bring enough guys

Give it to them boys

Can't see a thing

We have a stone fence, facing the wrong way

A whole lot of space to fill

We will just ride around and scare them a little

Wait to those Yankees see our fence

Rank after rank those southern boys won't stand

A little skirmish going on here lads

We will hold this fence for the South

Is that reb infantry in the flank of Reb infantry!!

Union infantry under fire from 4 Reb batteries

This Reb infantry under fire from Union guns

The Union artillery bangs away

These Union regiments have take a lot of punishment

The Rebs are under some heavy fire here

Looks like both sides are really giving it to each other


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