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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

Battle of Jakobovo (June 2013)

Napoleonic Game Russian 1812

Organised by Robert

The is a battle is with the French II Corps supported by X Corps Prussian cavalry vs the Russian 1st Corps.

Victory went to the French under General de division St Cyr (won his Marshal baton).

Russian Centre, Dragoons, Hussars, Cossacks and guns
Russian Centre
Russian Right Centre, remained almost untouched by the French all day.
Russian Right Centre, infantry, Hussars and guns.
Russian Right Centre, guns on the hill giving the French stick and ball
Russian Right flank 2nd Cuirassier division, Reserve Grenadier brigade and Converged Cavalry brigade
Russian Right flank
Russian left Flank Cossacks, 14th Division and guns
French Right centre, guns the Swiss, French Hussars and Polish Lancers
French Centre with Prussian Combined Hussars, Dragoons and guns
French Centre (Cuirassier division)

French Left flank
French Left Centre
French batteries on the hill at the Left centre

French Centre
French Right centre
French Right flank
French Lancers see off Russian Dragoons
The Church in the Russian Centre
Russian infantry and Hussars in the Centre
Russian Left Centre
Russian and Prussian Cavalry mixing it
The French advancing onto the Russian Left
Russian Cuirassiers on the Right advancing against the French Left
Prussian cavalry has overrun Russian artillery
Russian Dragoons coming up behind some French Hussars
Russian Dragoons being pursued by Prussian Leib Hussars
French infantry attacking the Russian Left
Russian Hussars taking on French Cuirrassiers in the Centre
Mass of Russian Heavy Cavalry on the Russian Right
Russian Right flank. The Reserve Grenadier Brigade supporting the 2nd Cuirassier Division.
The French Left Flank. This flank was falling back by the end of the day. (good work by Michael)
In the Centre the Russian Elizabethgrad Hussars take out a French Cuirassier regiment with thr French 3rd Hussars in support
Russian Elisabethgrad Hussars, being hit in flank by the French 7th Hussars
In the Centre Shaken Russian Dragoons vs Shaken French Cuirassiers
Russian Infantry on the Right Centre
Russian Left Flank. This flank was under great pressure from the French Left and Centre (once the Russian Centre had gone)
The Russian Grenadiers and Cuirassiers rolling up the French Left

Dutch infantry on the French Left Centre (Yes that is a Westphalian Flag. My 2nd Westphalian acting as Dutch)
The French Centre advances against the Flanks of the Russian Left and Right Centre

While the French Left Flank was going it's Left Centre would hold long enough to allow the victorious French Centre to remove the Russian Left Flank (which was under way).
Then the French forces from the Centre and Right could then attack the Russian Right Centre and the village of Jakobovo.
So I could see the Russian 1st Corps having to withdraw before the French could cut off their retreat via Jakobovo, therefor the French had the day victory to General de division St Cyr.

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