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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

WWII 15mm (September 2012)

This was a 15mm WWII game played by Paul and Lance.
Do not know what rules were used, maybe Rapid Fire.
See if I can get Paul to write something about the pictures.

An 88mm on the hill

Pillbox and a trench (roads by MWM)

Shermans on the road
British artillery

American infantry and a British Churchill enter the village

British 25pdrs
25pdrs preparing to give the Germans hell

British Shermans, one is a 17pdr armed Firefly

American infantry in the buildings supported by the Churchill
German APC the target of the Chaurchill

American M4A1 open fire on the Germans, but one Sherman is already lost

German Sdkfz 251 APC's
Platoon of Tiger I's advance and fire

The village

A Hummel and it survived
Shermans taking some punishment

The Tiger platoon gets close to the Churchill

American M10's knocked out
The Churchill is gone and a second US platoon arrives, you see the knocked out Shermans on the right

The German platoon attacks

What, you have never seen the hand of God before

The US M4's have taken a lot of punishment
The Allies won the engagement because they held the objectives.
Although the Allies lost more armour and infantry.

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