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Painting for Robert

I have for at lest the last 20 years been painting for a good mate Robert.  He has been putting together the French Imperila Guard, II, III, IV and V Corps and the I, II and IV Cavalry Corps of Napoleon's army in Russia 1812. Last year he purchased enough Foundry Austrians to equip the Austrian Aux Corps (I have not started any of these yet, he has asked the recently retired Geoff to paint some of them for him).
I will, as I go add pictures to this post (no new posts everytime just update this one) units completed.  I will take photos of others when he brings them to the club for games.

These two shots are of the French 6th Hussars (Robert's regiments are 18 figs strong) this is half the regiment. They are Minifigs, I do not think much of the quality of these ones, the moulds maybe getting a little tried and may need to be replaced.
French 6th Hussars

 Just finished (Feb 2012) Roberts Polish 14th Cuirassiers (Duchy of Warzaw).  These are Minifigs.  I had painted 6 of them some years ago then Robert purchased the command and 6 more troopers.  He gave me the 6 new figures plus the 6 older figures so I could match them.
I looked at the older ones and did not like what I was looking at (saddle furniture was wrong for a start), so I painted the 6 new ones and matched the old to the new, now they look right, see below.
Duchy of Warzaw 14th Cuirassiers

2nd battalion of the Spanish Guards. These are Front Rank. June 2012

The French 7th Cuirassiers.
This is half of the regiment.
These are Old Glory figures.


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